Possibilities Africa Banquet, March 1, 2013

LFF Screen ShotKearney’s Holiday Inn was the site for the 2013 Possibilities Africa Banquet. PA Director Martin Simiyu was the guest speaker, sharing his personal story and testimony, and sharing the rapid growth of the PA movement. Raised in poverty by his single parent mother, Martin has sensed the call and drive to teach the same principles he was taught as he grew up in poverty. Educated in Nairobi, Kenya, at Chicago’s Moody Bible Institute, and at Biola University, Martin is well trained to teach and train pastors in Africa.

Martin seeks to encourage the supporters of Possibilities Africa, encouraging each person to pray that the opportunities for personal and cultural change in Africa will continue to expand. Teaching children and adults to be productive workers who take responsibility for their family and community will bring lasting change. Martin’s many stories of transformation are motivating and inspiring. Martin used the Parable of the Mustard Seed to emphasize how small changes lead to great and lasting transformations that change the next generation.

Martin Simiyu will be guest speaker at Living Faith Fellowship’s Sunday Worship Service, Sunday, March 3, 2013, 10:00 a.m. His sermon will be “The Whole Gospel for the Whole Person”. His theme will emphasize The Gospel of Jesus Christ as a saving, cleansing and changing Gospel. Please plan to attend.

Possibilities Africa (“PA”) is a ministry started to equip pastors in rural Africa communities for holistic transformation of their communities. This is implemented through a plan where PA recruits, equips and partners with rural pastors and their churches to enable them provide spiritual leadership for their churches and communities, promote the development of income generating activities by providing training and seed capital in order to alleviate handouts generated poverty, and to prepare, through mentorship and discipleship, their children and youth to live holistic Christian lives.

Pict - PA - Martin & Doug

Pict - PA martin & robisons

Pict - PA Martin

Pict - PA decor

Pict - PA crowd

Pict - PA - Doug

If anyone who could not attend the PA Banquet wants to receive more information about Possibilities Africa or would like to contribute, please contact Pastor Doug at dgshada@gmail.com. Further information about Possibilities Africa can be explored at their website (http://www.possibilitiesafrica.org/), including projects, training of pastors, and past newsletters. Martin also updates the Possibilities Africa Facebook page at (https://www.facebook.com/PossibilitiesAfrica?fref=ts).

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