Pastor Doug’s Newsletter, June 5, 2013

LFF Screen ShotPastor Doug’s weekly newsletter can be downloaded here or read below. It can also be received via email by contacting him at His daily word of encouragement can be read by connecting with him on his Facebook page. Please join us each Sunday for worship at 10:00 a.m. at the Merryman Performing Arts Center.

One Year
Dear LFF Friends,

It is exciting to see all the way the Lord has led us this last year and the many things He has done in and through each of you that call LFF their church home, as well as you, our friends who have encouraged us at LFF. From the ability to support local, state and international missionaries fully, to the supplying of food to the Jubilee Center in abundance, to the opening up of the Merryman Center for usage each week, to those who are new amongst us and those who have come to faith as the result of the gospel of Christ being shared, to the outreach ministry at “Press On” and the number of you who have and are stepping up to serve the Lord in ways that you had not thought possible. I am honored to co-labor with you and the many friends who are on this mailing who encourage and support the LFF ministry, thank you & Happy 1st Anniversary, to God be the glory!!!!

I was reading in Acts 26:16-32, and want to share with you four significant reasons to “Stay Passionate for Christ…..regardless!”

1. Knowing Christ and His Gospel has taken us from darkness to light for all eternity!
2. We have been transferred from the domain of Satan to the domain of God, with the Holy Spirit dwelling within us, giving us all that is necessary for life and godliness!
3. We can know our sins, past-present-future have been forgiven & He is deserving of our personal holiness because of His forgiveness!
4. We are partakers of this wonderful inheritance by grace through faith in Christ alone and we have the privilege of sharing this great truth with others we are around.

May each of us be found growing in His grace and knowledge, not allowing spiritual complacency to creep in or taking for granted the things of the Lord He has freely given us. May we represent Him in a manner that our Lord is truly worthy of until He calls us home to glory.

Have a great day friends!

Pastor Doug

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