Pastor Doug’s Newsletter, June 12, 2013

LFF Screen ShotPastor Doug’s weekly newsletter for June 12, 2013, “Expectations“, can be downloaded here, or read below. His newsletter can be received via email by contacting him a His daily word of encouragement can be read each day by connecting him on his Facebook page. Please join us for worship each Sunday at 10:00 a.m., at the Merryman Performing Arts Center.

Dear Friends,

Have you ever been caught in a situation where someone you “expected” something from did not come through? How did it make you feel? Anxious, frustrated, uptight, sometimes “mad,” etc. etc……

Expectation is defined as “a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.” The problem with “expectations” is that they are dependent upon humans who are imperfect, frail and in-complete beings.

I know I try and do all that I can to follow through with what I said I would do to not let anyone down, but there are times when we fail others. We can never quite meet the expectations they have placed on us.

What’s a Christ follower to do? I believe my wife has said it best when she said in front of a couples group that she “quit expecting things and then was not disappointed.” (I think she was talking about expecting things from me and I had missed some things, oops)

Friends, the only ones we can control is self, making sure we follow through on that which we have committed to in an appropriate time and manner with the highest motive possible of honoring God. Don’t let others or even circumstances that you “expected” better from, control your attitude and speech. Instead fix your hope on the One True and Living God who will never fail us or turn His back on us. All that He has promised will come to fruition in His perfect time (maybe not as soon as we want, but it will be His perfect time, for His glory. That’s good enough for me!

Represent Him in each facet of your being with eyes fixed on Him (Col. 3:1-2, Heb. 12:2) understanding, “this side of Heaven we will still struggle and even fail at times, but His love for us never changes, His forgiveness is always there and glory is coming.”

Now that’s an expectation I look forward to that will not fail!

Have a great day friends,


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