Pastor Doug’s Newsletter, July 24, 2013

“We Don’t Know What To Do”, Pastor Doug’s Newsletter for July 24, 2013 can be read below. His daily word of encouragement can be read each day by connecting with him on his Facebook page.

Dear Friends,

Have you ever reached the point with the difficulties that life throws out at you that you throw up your hands and say, “I don’t know what to do?” Many of us have been there and often more times than we’d like to admit both personally and in our local churches.

We live in a world of “fixers,” you know, we have to be in control and have things happen a certain way, but when they don’t or are not able to, and things get out of our control, our arms go up quickly and frustration begins to set in because we can’t fix it all (though we continue to try many times to no avail).

I wonder if it is at the end of our proverbial rope, not having a clue what to do about this situation or that issue, is not where God wants us, so that we might trust Him?

Read with me this prayer for “Revival” that is so needed in our life personally, and in our churches of fellow believers across the nation. “Jesus we don’t know what do to! Send us Your Spirit, Send the fire God, burn, penetrate, change, renovate, illuminate. Do as you promised as we walk in Christ’s name!” (I have this on a note card at my desk and am praying)

Perhaps if more of us would commit to pray like this for our life personally and for the church we attend with fellow believers we would see something of God take place in our midst. Instead of man made programs, teachings, and services that happen with very little of the stirring of God in our midst happening, we would see confession of sin/repentance and souls coming to saving faith in Christ. Believers committed to the Word of God and prayer to see Christ glorified and God work in our midst.

Join me friends, in crying out to our Lord to stir afresh in our midst and do something that it would be truly evident that “The Holy Spirit of God” is at work and Christ is glorified, amongst us!

Have a great day friends,


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