“Leadership 101”, Pastor Doug’s Sermon, Sunday, July 28, 2013

“Leadership 101”, is the title of Pastor Doug’s sermon for July 28, 2013, based on Psalm 101. Please plan to join us for worship at the Merryman Performing Arts Center, beginning at 10:00 a.m. Sunday School for all ages begins at 9:00 a.m.
Psalm 101

Many years ago when Chrysler was going through their tremendous financial
woes they did not go around and change the color of their auto dealerships,
they didn’t hire more sales men and women, no they brought in Lee Iacoca
To lead the company. Whey pro athletic teams fall on hard times, they very
seldom get rid of their star athletes but instead they bring in a new coach, a
new leader if you may.

-One of the greatest needs in our society today is that of “Leadership” in all
facets of life. Men and Women who are willing to accept the mantle of
leading and do it with a passion and commitment that the good of the people
are at the forefront of their heart and the glory of Christ drives them!

-Today in our Psalm we are going to school, it is Psalm 101, and has three
very basic principles of quality “Leadership,” “Essentials” if you will for all
of us to learn from, young and old alike!

-David is the Author, he is king of Israel. He had inherited a divided land, a
discouraged people and the spiritual life was at an all time low.

-One wisely said, “everything rises and falls on leadership.” The Home—-

-David had a consuming desire for the ark of God’s dwelling to be brought
back to Jerusalem. That God’s throne would be near David’s throne!

-Let’s look at the 3 essentials of leadership for us all!

1. Vs. 1-2, “Devotion to God”

-A leaders heart must be set apart for that which is right before God! A
divided heart/loyalties brings confusion, frustration and often mutiny of
one sort or another……

-The Devoted heart results in a life lived for the glory of the Lord above
all else!

-“I Will”—opens this Psalm and he uses it 8 more times. Friends, David
made it clear that there must be “NO” separation between his private and
public life. He was not just devoted to God while in the Temple—but all
the day.

-David wanted his reign to be characterized by: Lovingkindness and
Justice. This is the model God set in His rule by the way!
-“Blameless” does not mean sinless, for David was a sinner like the rest of us.
However unlike David our sins have not been recorded in Scripture for all to

-Blameless is another word for—Integrity, cultivating wholeness of heart and
singleness of mind, instead of a double heart and a double mind.

-Faith is living without scheming, and the way of faith is the blameless way!

2. Vs. 3-5, Discernment

-Discernment—The ability to see in others what is happening in their life.

-The heart and the eyes work together—for what the heart loves the eyes will
seek and find—Eccl. 2:10

-“I will set no worthless things before my eyes,” means more than beholding
vile things, “the lust of the eyes,” It also means setting worthless goals and
seeking after them. Leaders must set the best goals for the glory of the Lord
and not selfish gain.

-Not only should our goals be best, but we give our life to that which is truly
eternal—using the best methods to achieve those goals! Word, Prayer, hard
work doing the right things the right way for the right reason! Great C,
Great C!!! Keeping the main things the main things!

-Being faithful and not faithless. David had his eyes on the faithful of the land.

-A faithless heart is a twisted heart that does not conform to God’s will, they
have a deceitful tongue, that have their ego inflated in a manner that they
have a corner on truth and their own importance. Proverbs 6:16-19

-It is important that leaders serve in humility and lead by example and not
Just in word!!!!

3. Vs. 6-8, Decision

-A leaders heart must be solely focused on God’s glory, a leaders eyes is
to be focused on God’s will and now a leaders will is to serve God’s people
wisely! James 3:17—wise decisions have this as our filter!

-The repeated “I Will” statements in Psalm 101, give evidence of David’s
determination to serve God and God’s people “WELL,” which means he
is a man of decision.

-“He would not make excuses and he would not delay making decisions.
But some of those decisions would be difficult to make and implement.

-Note the kind of associates David wanted around him—
-Dwell with me—(same vision, goals, desire) Mark 3:14
-Blameless, not defiled by sin, keep short accounts with God on the sin ledger!
-Who would treat people with Fairness!

-Deception is the devils tool, and satan goes to work whenever a lie moves in

-Vs. 8, David promised to hear these cases patiently, consider them carefully,
and render judgment wisely. Punishment would be according to God’s law,
silencing the liars and evil doers!


-Some would say, I am not qualified to be a leader, “I am not David.” Let’s
review his life:
-He failed in his own family, his sin with Bathsheba set a bad example for
His sons and daughters.
-David failed to in disciplining his sons Amnon and Absalom and they
walked in rebellion.
-David had two generals Joab and Abishai, who had major problems
-His trusted counselor Ahithophel betrayed him……BUT

-David reigned for 40 years, defeated Israel’s enemies, gathered the materials
for his son Solomon to build the temple, established the dynasty that would
eventually bring Jesus Christ into the world.

-Like us, he had weaknesses and failings! BUT over all, he sought to honor
God with his “Devotion, Discernment, and Decisions! God blessed him

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