Christmas Devotional

The following devotional is from Pastor Gregg Madsen, Steadfast Gretna. To receive this via email, please contact Pastor Doug at Pastor Doug’s daily word of encouragement can be read by connecting with him on Facebook.

“My older brother had a red Ford Mustang in high school. What a sweet ride! Fast and powerful – American to the core – the Mustang is an icon with an iconic logo to match.

Think about how well the mark fits the car. Nobody would take very seriously a sports car called the “Ford Tortoise.” But Mustang? Yeah, that sells.

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 6.48.48 PM
If only a relationship with God drove like that: fast and powerful, with leather seats. But if we’re honest with ourselves and with others, sometimes God seems to drive more like a turtle than a Mustang.

Jesus accomplished more in His life than any other person in history but He didn’t drive in the fast lane. He wasn’t in a hurry. Think about that for a minute. If anyone had a reason to be in a hurry, to live the fastest-paced life, would it not be Jesus? Thousands of people to heal. Millions of friends in His social network.

And yet, as you read about His life in the Bible, you find a man who lived a deliberate life, not a phrenetic one. He learned obedience, which is a lot slower than disobedience. Your life may not be moving as fast as you’d like but are you willing to trust the speed of God for your life? Jesus was. And He asks His disciples to do the same.

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 12.37.12 PM
“In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God. And the word was God.”

When the Apostle John wrote that sentence 2000 years ago, he used the Greek word “logos,” which we translate as “the Word.” The Greek word, “logos,” gives us our word, “logo.”

Just as a good logo captures the heart of the brand it represents, so does the logo, or word, of God, represent the heart of God. This “word” became flesh in Jesus Christ. So Jesus is God’s brand: everything about God in one recognizable image.

Logos: The Brand of God, is a collection of 25 Advent Readings designed to help us see the heart of God through His “logo,” Jesus Christ.

Written by Gregg Madsen, Pastor of Steadfast Gretna.

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