A Note From Pastor Doug

LFF Screen ShotThe following note can be downloaded here.
Dear Friends,

Farrol & I want to wish each of you a joy filled and prosperous New Year in Christ.  We are honored to serve our worthy Lord and to see Him work in and through incomplete people like each of us.  

I love the truth that Paul shares with us in Philippians 3:10 about his one goal in life which has four facets to it.  I am praying for each of us as we enter a New Year that these would be our heart desires as well.

1)  That I may know Him
2)  That I may know the power of His resurrection
3)  That I may understand more deeply “The fellowship of His suffering”
4)  That I may be conformed to His image.  

Paul goes on to say, “he has not obtained it yet, but one thing he does is forget what lies behind (so good for us to heed, can’t change a moment of yesterday, but we sure can grow in the present) we reach forward to what is ahead for His glory.”  May 2016 be a great year in our personal and corporate growth and service in Christ!

Have a wonderful New Year friends,

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