“Your Christmas Message?”, Pastor Doug’s Devotional, December 15, 2016

Dear Friends,

What is God wanting to speak to you about this Christmas season? I have found, if I don’t take some time alone and pray something like Samuel of old prayed, “Speak Lord for Thy servant is listening” that a special season of the year goes by and I am left just doing the “same ole same O.” I don’t want to do that and I am guessing you don’t either.

Through the busyness of the season, through the hustle and bustle of thinking about what to buy this person or that person, slow down for a moment and listen. Listen carefully, won’t you?

Psalm 41 and verse 1 has been good for me to “chew on” this season, “How blessed is he who considers the helpless; The Lord will deliver him in a day of trouble.” This is what Jesus did for each of us that first Christmas long ago. He considered each of us, in a very sin filled, helpless state and came to this earth as a babe in the manger to become our Savior on the cross and today sits at the Right hand of the Father in glory as King of all Kings and Lord of all Lord’s.

There are so many hurting and helpless individuals “glocally” (new word I heard at last weeks conference) both locally and globally. God has blessed me in so many ways and I want to make a difference for His glory with what He has entrusted me. I know I can’t help/serve everyone, but I sure can do what I can. Christ didn’t heal all those sick and diseased people of His day, but He did provide a way of salvation for all mankind.

It is good for me to chew on, to ponder how one single life that I have been entrusted with can make a difference in others lives less fortunate than I am.

What’s your message from Him this Christmas season?

For His glory, His way,


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