“Prayer Support”, Pastor Doug’s Devotional, December 30, 2016

Dear Caring & Praying Friends,

Last evening I read a sad and sickening report of the fate of many Christian missionaries at the hand of Muslim extremists in the middle East. This report detailed some of the most evil, awful happenings these radical Islamists have done and are doing to both the adults and children of these Christian missionaries. I am not going in to detail in this this note, it is to gruesome and sad.

I am writing to ask “you” to join me in prayer for the Christ following missionaries, especially in these third world countries. Not that God would take them out of the fire of evil, but that “holy boldness” would be there’s. His peace, power and authority would flow from their lips. And very importantly that “many” people will come to saving faith through the message of the gospel which they are sharing. It has been true down through the ages that the gospel goes further and faster on the blood of these Christ honoring martyr’s.

Some have said, “well, these missionaries just need to leave those evil areas.” Well friends, why should we expect them to be treated any differently than they treated Christ or the Apostles or many other Christ followers down through the ages? No, many have been called to go into these evil areas knowing full well that death could be imminent.

Lastly, as we close another year and begin a fresh new one, please pray for each other as Christ followers that we “would be bold in our witness for our Lord” using our talents, abilities and gifts to honor Him regardless of the personal costs to “our” life. That obedience and faithfulness would mark our life.

Thank you all!

It is truly a pleasure to “Strive together” for His glory,

Pastor Doug

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