“Labeling”, Pastor Doug’s Devotional, May 12, 2017

Dear Friends,

We often get caught up in labeling people. Democrat or Republican, Progressive or Conservative, Rich or Poor, Have’s and Have not’s, Gay or straight or….And the list could go on and on.

Friends, we as Christ followers must see, as we are taught, there are really only two kinds of people, “Saved & Unsaved.” Those who know Christ and those who don’t. Those who are heading for an eternity in Heaven and those who are headed for an eternal separation from God in hell.

We get “No place” with those who are without Christ by labeling them any other way than understanding their eternal destiny and knowing that we have the greatest message of love & hope for all who are lost and headed for a Christ less eternity. We have the Good News of Jesus Christ coming to this earth to be the perfect, spotless sacrifice for man kinds sins. We cannot keep that to ourselves.

I want to be labeled, for certain, as someone who cares for those who are perishing, whether they are here in my hometown or around the World. Caring enough to do what it takes to get the gospel message to mankind.

I like that kind of label!


Pastor Doug’s email can be received via email by contacting him at dgshada@gmail.com. His daily word of encouragement can be read by connecting with him on Facebook and with Living Faith Fellowship on Facebook. Each has a unique inspirational thought for the day.

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