“No Greater Protection”, Pastor Doug’s Devotional, September 27, 2017

Below is Pastor Doug’s weekly devotional that can be received via email by contacting him at dgshada@gmail.com. His daily inspirational thought can be read by connecting with him on Facebook and with Living Faith Fellowship on Facebook.

Dear Friends,

With all that is going on around us, the dangers from without and from within. Where does our true protection come from?

Read with me Isaiah 26:3,4, better yet, choose to hide these truths in your heart, so when the winds of change, trials, pain, suffering come your way we can stand secure, protected for all eternity. “The steadfast of mind, You will keep in perfect peace, because He trusts in You. Trust in the LORD forever, For the God the LORD, we have an everlasting Rock.”

Not in our health, not in any other human being, not in government, but in God alone comes perfect stability, significance and a firm foundation for each of us as we grow in our faith and trust in the most High God. Easy……no, not at all, but oh so very healthy for our being as we walk down life’s path….There’s no greater protection for our soul!

Striving together for His glory,


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