Life Groups

Life Groups are intended to augment our regular gathering together for worship and provide an additional venue to grow deeper in love with Christ and to share this love by building relationships with others.

A Life Group consists of those who are Christ Followers or desiring to learn about becoming a Christ Follower.

A Life Group will be lead by a member of Living Faith Fellowship and will include a core group of Christ Followers who exhibit a faithful walk with Christ and act as examples and mentors to group members examining what it is to be a Christ Follower. Members of the group will encourage each other in their daily walk.

Each Life Group will meet together at a location agreeable to its members and should provide a mix of Bible study, prayer and fellowship. Life Groups are encouraged to be aware of opportunities for community outreach.

Tuesday Night Life Group meets in the Church library at 6:30 pm.  This group is open to all ages and snacks are provided.  For more information, contact Pastor Paul Stachura at 308-219-0394.

Wednesday Night Life Group meets in the Church Conference Room from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.  The current study is a video series by Lee Strobel called “The Case for Christ:  Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus.”
This group is made up mainly of “empty nesters” but everyone is welcome! Contact Dick Pierce for more information (308-457-3605)

Wednesday Night Life Group meets at the home of Brandon and Jessica Hotz located at 605 E 27th St at 7:00 pm.  There is no preparation for this class!  Any questions, please contact Brandon at 308-237-2773.

For more information about Life Groups please contact Roger Carlson at 308-627-2002 or the church at 308-234-2210 or email

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