ReachGlobal, Mexico City

Barry and Karla Hannant have been serving with ReachGlobal in Mexico City, Mexico for the past 6 years. From the Midwest, you can imagine the culture change moving to a City of nearly 30 million people.

The Hannants have worked with two Church Plants from their beginning. Both are seeing growth in numbers as with their leaders. Both have launched Micro-Enterprise Water purification Plants with the idea of reaching out to their communities with “Living Water”. This is also a way to be self-supporting in areas that are marginal. Barry has recently been meeting with a 3rd contact who has asked that he mentor him as he starts a new Group of people hungry for the Word of God.

Barry and Karla have backgrounds as Entrepreneurial Thinkers, having had their own businesses. It is with this thinking that they launch out into Holistic Ministries such as DAYA, a home for young teenage mothers from high risk abuse and abandonment in their past. They have been encouragement to the girls and their little ones as well as the staff with teaching sustainable ways to make a living, Bible Studies, art and cooking to name a few.

Recently Barry and Karla relocated to a new and widely populated urban area to be closer to their works. What they are seeing is a whole new area that is in need the Gospel message!

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