Ted and Judy Olsen

Ted and Judy Olsen

Global DAWN Network

International ministry focus:

South Asia: India, Nepal, Myanmar (Burma)

Africa: East Africa

Latin America: Brazil

Ted and Judy Olsen began their missions career in February, 1981, in the home office of an international mission agency headquartered in northern California. Six years later, they led a team of missionaries to Southern Africa where they worked out of the nation of Swaziland into Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and South Africa. Their main project focused on saturating Zimbabwe with churches and, in the course of a 10-year project, the outcome of TARGET 2000 resulted in more than 14,000 new churches in that nation. At the end of the year 2000 they returned to the US to head up the Unreached Peoples focus in DAWN Ministries. Ted began to work most intensively in India. Since the early days of the new millennium until the present, his work has resulted in about 5,000 new house churches in north and central India. Judy has become proficient in training leaders in the skills of telling Bible stories – the most appropriate and impactful means of reaching the world’s non-literate cultures. She has conducted training workshops in India, Nepal and Burma, and Kenya in East Africa. Ted and Judy met in South Africa where they married. They have two sons, James and Daniel, and 10 grandchildren. They live in Colorado Springs where their Global DAWN Network office is based.

To view their updated newsletter, click July 2017.

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